Imagination and creating art have been a large part of Andrew Saur’s life. From a young age, Saur has shown a natural ability for design and art. As he matures, Saur continues to advance his techniques in graphic design and fine art.

Being both a graphic designer and fine artist, Saur brings elements from both disciplines and incorporates them into his artwork. His Nordic heritage has also been a strong influence in his artwork. The Viking ship has been a defining signature for him. The longship was a beautifully designed boat with artistic embellishments, like intricate carving, adorning the ship. This blending of form and function from a thousand years ago is such a powerful theory and this is what Saur carries this tradition by unifying his art and design together.

The artwork and design of Andrew Saur has been seen worldwide. The King of Norway, the United States Embassy in Malawi and the President of Finland are just a few examples of owners of his work.

Saur would like to invite you to explore his online portfolio of design and art.

Recent Projects

Drawing Board