Andrew Saur has a strong passion for graphic design. Graphic design is such a powerful tool in today’s world of communication. In this digital age, design plays such a pivotal role in the competition of gaining attention. Whether it is a well-designed website, a branding identity or an ad, the design can carry a significant weight.

Andrew Saur has over a decade of design excellence. When he was at the University of Minnesota Duluth, he was selected to be on the design team to makeover the school’s athletic logo, which is still in use today.

Recently, Saur won a design competition for the international FinnFest 2008. He had the opportunity to present his design to Finnish President Tarja Halonen. The President of FinnFest, K. Marianne Wargelin is quoted:

“Thank you for the incredible logo you created for FinnFest 2008. It worked beautifully in all the many venues it was used…as program covers, as posters, as logos on hats and t-shirts. It was by far the best logo ever created for the FinnFest festival.”

This website showcases Saur’s talent as a graphic designer.